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Photo of "Dumper"

W.H.C.A. Rescues "Dumper"!

A complaint to the W.H.C.A. was made when "Dumper", an adorable and friendly black and white kitty, strayed a little too far from home and could not find his way back. Fortunately, he had a current rabies tag on his collar and the W.H.C.A. traced his owner by calling up the vet clinic and giving them the number on his 1998 rabies tag. They supplied the name, address and phone of his owners, who were by then worried if he'd ever be coming home again.

The W.H.C.A. called his owners - who were delighted to hear the good news that "Dumper" had been found. They quickly agreed to pay the ransom, I mean the reward, we requested to get "Dumper" back - a check to pay for their family's membership in the Windsor Hill Civic Association. See a Larger version photo of "Dumper" - the first pet rescued by the W.H.C.A.!

If the W.H.C.A. locates YOUR pet, expect a ransom/reward request of $20.00 for YOUR annual Windsor Hill Civic Association dues. We are so desperate for new members, we'll hold your animals hostage until you join. (Just Kidding!) Seriously, membership is always optional.

If you ever do have a missing pet, and (instead of or in addition to making any lost pet signs) would like to have a message posted on the WHPA web site, you can do so at no charge by contacting

We will be happy to help by adding a LOST Pet Notice for you on top of this page.

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