Windsor Hill Parkway Association

The Windsor Hill Parkway Association and the Windsor Hill Civic Association are TWO Different Organizations

Unfortunately, many homeowners often get these two associations confused with one another. This information will help you understand the differences between them. Everyone who owns property in Windsor Hill Plantation IS a member of the Windsor Hill Parkway Association.

How are these two Windsor Hill organizations different from each other?

All homeowners have been sent a bill for their year 2000 Windsor Hill Parkway Association annual dues from A.M.C.S., which stands for Asset Management & Consulting Services.

It does NOT include a copy of the budget this year, but did notify you of the Annual Parkway Association meeting held on Tuesday June 13th 2000. The bill is due after 30 days. Pay it!

If unpaid after 60 days, a reminder is sent. If unpaid after 90 days, a registered letter is sent.
If any homeowner refuses to pay their Parkway Association dues, they only end up costing the rest of us (Their Neighbors!) even more money for wasted time, postage, legal expenses, etc.

NOTE: Any Windsor Hill Parkway Association dues remaining unpaid after 120 days will be turned over to an attorney. This could eventually result in a lien being placed on a property deed for the amount of the unpaid dues, plus expenses. All homeowners are responsible for their dues, regardless if you were informed about the fee by your real estate agent or not. Liens become public information! No property can be sold until all such liens are cleared. Having a lien on your property will show up in credit reports and hurt your credit rating.

In correspondence with the homeowners' invoice for 2000 Windsor Hill Parkway Association dues, the May 22, 2000 homeowner letter from A.M.C.S. included a reference near the end to a "Windsor Hill Plantation Homeowners Association" by mistake. It should have said "Windsor Hill Parkway Association" - as it did in the body of the letter. A.M.C.S. apologized for their error and they will take steps to prevent this confusing error from ever happening again.

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