Why we truly need YOU to join us in
The Windsor Hill Civic Association!

Windsor Hill Civic Association was established as a non-profit organization April 8, 1997.
Our goal is to get 75% of all homeowners to join so we have a 3/4 majority for a decision.

How much does it cost for me/us to join The W.H.C.A.?

We have some really great news about our dues we're proud to report: THEY WENT DOWN!
We listened when many of you told us you thought they were too high, so we LOWERED them.

This year, the fee for you (+ your family) to join the Windsor Hill Civic Association remains $20.00 annually. (Current 2000-01 fiscal year began on November 01, 2000.)

If you were NOT a member last year, please help us grow by joining us for 2000-2001 NOW!

If you WERE a member last year, you should be happy to hear your dues will be only $15.00!
It appears a vast majority wanted this. We want to reward those who renew their membership.

Here is how we tried to explain the board's dues cost philosophy back in 1998:

Actually, we really want to lower the cost of our annual dues. We would much rather have twice as many members with dues at only $15.00! The more members we have, the lower our dues shall be. Many members and non-members seem skeptical about this, but the board is quite sincere about it.

Persons acquiring home ownership on or after November 1st cannot pay a prorated membership payment. Unfortunately, because we are a small non-profit, our dues are NOT tax-deductible!

Can you name 5 specific benefits I get as a new member?

Don't you want to be eligible for "Windsor Hill Yard of the Month" honors? Of course you do! (That's one...)

Don't you want a shot to win the door prizes we've offered at our meetings? At our September 1999 meeting, we gave away a free hurricane lamp and some delicious Windsor Hill Gourmet Coffee! Sorry we do not sell raffle tickets. (Maybe we should try it, but that should be two...)

You'll feel good you contributed to the betterment of your home community. (That makes 3...)

In order to have a chance to experience ANY of these thrills, you'll have to become a member!

If a member needs a copy of their subdivision's covenants and restrictions, they can just let us know and we'll get you a copy for free! If you are NOT a member, you will either have to take an hour-long trip (maybe longer for traffic or if you must wait in line) up to Dorchester County Courthouse in St. George OR try to get a copy from your real estate agent or closing attorney. You should've received a copy at closing, but, we often hear homeowners say they never did.

BEFORE you build a fence, install a pool or any addition, check your covenants and restrictions! If you do NOT have a copy, you need one! Consider time, gas and hassle trying to get it on your own.
Trust us on this. (Being safe, rather than VERY sorry later, easily makes this reason number four!)

Last, but certainly not least, only members are eligible to vote in their neighborhood elections.

What projects have you done for our community so far?

See a list of W.H.C.A. successes in our short history. Got a new idea? Try our suggestion box!

Do you have another good reason why I NEED to join?

A strong and active homeowner's association, which is what the W.H.C.A. is to us in Windsor Hill Plantation, makes all homes in a community more attractive to future prospective buyers.
That's a big reason why property values go up faster in one neighborhood compared to others.

Each of us wants our home in Windsor Hill to appreciate faster than other homes in the area, right? We only ask you to contribute $20.00 (Just about 5.4 cents a day) to become a member. Your home will appreciate in value much more than the cost of your W.H.C.A. membership!

As a service to you, we compiled the below data to prove the equity in your house has gone up.
Charleston tops USA in rising home prices 3 out of 4 quarters in a row! (Average up to 19.7%)
After reading the above information, you may realize "Greed" counts as a valid reason to join.

I just moved in, how do I catch up on W.H.C.A. activities?

We suggest reading the back issues of the Windsor Crier, then review our list of W.H.C.A. successes. After realizing it IS in your best interest to join, send us a first-year membership check for $20.00. Pro-rated memberships are no longer available.

When is the next Windsor Hill Civic Association meeting?

The WHCA holds its community meetings at the Windsor Hill Elementary School auditorium on a regular basis, except in the summer months because so many people are on vacation. Our next meeting is now scheduled to be held early in 2001. Babysitting, once provided, is not available.

When is the Windsor Hill Parkway Association meeting?

(Spring of 2001) The 2000 Annual meeting was held Tuesday June 13, 2000 at 6:00 P.M. The Windsor Hill Parkway Association only has ONE annual meeting, usually held in room 137 at Cathedral of Praise Church. (The first room on the right after you walk in the front entrance.) Babysitting is NOT provided! If you missed it in 2000, please be sure to attend next year! This is an important once-a-year meeting on how Windsor Hill Parkway Association funds are spent.

The 1999 meeting was the first chance to see a large framed architectural drawing in the lobby showing the exciting future plans for the undeveloped property near the entrance to Windsor Hill Plantation. The Cathedral of Praise's "Vision for Community" includes a new entrance/exit to the church on Ashley Phosphate Road, Cathedral Academy (Preschool through Grade 6 now) and eventually a retirement village and a nursing home. The recreational facilities will consist of a building to house a gymnasium, indoor track, exercise machines, showers and a kitchen. There will also be multi-purpose fields for soccer, baseball or softball. Surrounding the entire site will be a walking/jogging track. As residents of the community, homeowners in Windsor Hill Plantation will be allowed to use these new facilities! Obviously, as time goes on, all these exciting future plans make Windsor Hill a much more desirable place for any family to live.

Why are there 2 different Windsor Hill Associations?

One is mandatory and the other is not. Many residents think they're a member of the Windsor Hill Civic Association, but they're not. This may help explain WHCA & WHPA differences. The Windsor Hill Civic Association attempts to be helpful to all living in our community!

Who are the W.H.C.A. Officers and Board members?

See a recent List of Organizational Officers + Board of Governors volunteers now serving you.

How can I be a W.H.C.A. Officer or Board member?

Our annual elections are held in November, but we need volunteers for several key positions now! For details on W.H.C.A. elections, read our Constitution and By-Laws. You should have got a printed copy of these at the time you joined the Windsor Hill Civic Association. If you need a copy, please contact a Board member from your subdivision and we'll get one to you.

What are my subdivision's covenants and restrictions?

You should have got a copy of these at closing, when you first bought your home in Windsor Hill Plantation. Obviously, whether you have your own copy of them or not, you ARE legally bound by the agreement. Restrictions vary slightly among the seven Windsor Hill Plantation subdivisions, so you will need a copy for your specific subdivision. If any Windsor Hill Civic Association member needs a copy, we will mail or deliver one to you at no charge. Having a copy becomes increasingly important as we get more strict in enforcing all verified violations.

Do you have one more good reason why I should join now?

With each new member, the Windsor Hill Civic Association becomes a more powerful group! Remember hearing "Do your Civic duty"? It's your "Civic duty" to join in W.H.C.A.! (Thanks!)

OK, I'm Sold!   How should I pay for my annual dues?

We suggest sending a personal check by mail, so you'll have a copy for tax purposes. Of course, if you attend a Windsor Hill Civic Association meeting, we will gladly take cash or a personal check. Make your check out to "Windsor Hill Civic Association" and put it in the mail SOON!

What address should I use to send my payment by mail?

Windsor Hill Plantation marble bar
Windsor Hill Civic Assn.   Box 40672   Charleston, SC 29423-0672
Windsor Hill Plantation marble bar

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