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Windsor Hill Civic Association
Projects for our neighborhood

Unfortunately, this volunteer organization has dissolved.

Here is the list of some of the significant accomplishments completed in its 4-year history:

The Windsor Crier newsletter which is delivered to ALL homes in Windsor Hill Plantation.

Positive publicity for Windsor Hill Plantation in the local Charleston Post & Courier paper.

Helped get a construction trailer moved, then organizing a clean-up of a Homeowner's Area.

Persuaded the S.C. Dept. of Transportation to install a left-turn green arrow at our entrance.

Helped get the Speed limit on Windsor Hill Parkway lowered from 35 M.P.H. to 30 M.P.H.

Had existing Children At Play and All Residential Streets signs moved to be more effective.

The WHCA Anti-annexation petition drive, which resulted in ALL of us paying less in taxes!

Compiled stories on Charleston as #1 market in rising home prices 3 of 4 quarters in a row!

Assumed leadership to convince WJNI to lower the intensity of a light on their radio tower.

The "Restrictive Covenants Enforced" sign seen just before exiting Windsor Hill Plantation.

Our "Crime Watch Community" warning signs - prominently displayed in various locations.

Passing speeding complaints to Sheriff's Office, resulting in more enforcement (speed trap).

Reminding SCE&G to finish the installation of this new street light they had forgotten about.

Providing an online Community Lost and Found for all residents of Windsor Hill Plantation.

Providing assistance to Windsor Hill Elementary media department to set up their web site.

Providing a way residents can make online suggestions to improve Windsor Hill Plantation.

Providing a way homeowners can make anonymous complaints on Windsor Hill Plantation.

Providing opportunity for homeowners to be represented at local, regional or national level.

Providing members with the info to get in touch with WHCA Board and Officers by E-mail.

Providing subdivision-specific info as may be needed by residents of Windsor Hill Plantation.

Providing a chance for community members to work together & accomplish common goals.

Providing enforcement for covenants and restrictions, which keep property values going up.

Providing members with their a free copy of subdivision-specific covenants and restrictions.

Reminding Dorchester County to fill in any pothole found in any of our neighborhood roads.

Gothic bar for Windsor Hill Plantation

Windsor Hill Plantation is in North Charleston, South Carolina!

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