The historical monument at the Main
Entrance to Windsor Hill Plantation

Historical Monument at Windsor Hill Plantation

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Windsor Hill Plantation, steeped in the history and traditions of the South of another day, was for a time the home of one of the best known and highly respected heroes of the American Revolution


General William Moultrie was born in Charleston in 1731, and entered the Continental Army at the start of the Revolution. His military history was impressive; he was made Brigadier General following his brilliant defense of Charleston against the British fleet on June 28th, 1776. It was this event, neglected in American History, that, when reported to Continental Congress on July 19, 1776, gave heart to those forefathers of the nation to sign and ratify a document that had lain dormant since first adopted 15 days earlier - the Declaration of Independence. General Moultrie again defeated the British at Beaufort, South Carolina.

When Charleston fell to the British in 1780, he was taken prisoner, to later be exchanged for a distinguished British General, John Burgoyne.

General Moultrie received many recognitions during his military career, among them being the re-naming of Fort Sullivan to Fort Moultrie. He was elected Governor of South Carolina in 1785, and again in 1789.

When he died, on September 27, 1805, he was buried in the family burial ground at Windsor Hill Plantation. In 1977, his remains were reinterred at Fort Moultrie, the historical fort which was also renamed in his honor. But Windsor Hill Plantation will remain a living memorial to the man who served with distinction and honor during the formative years of a great nation - the United States of America.

[End of words engraved on monument seen at the entrance to Windsor Hill Plantation]

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Windsor Hill Plantation - North Charleston SC USA

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