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The Wildlife of Windsor Hill Plantation

If you like seeing wild birds, you'll love Windsor Hill!

Mallards swimming in Windsor Hill Plantation of SC

Seeing wild birds, like this group of eight Mallard ducks, is not an unusual sight in Windsor Hill Plantation. Great Blue Herons, Egrets and even Canadian Geese are also often seen. That's a sign of good water quality and an abundant food chain for wildlife in the area.

Windsor Hill Plantation is fortunate to retain all the wonderful natural beauty it had back when the famous Revolutionary War hero General William Moultrie lived here in the eighteenth century.

See a Gaggle of 27 Canada Geese that flew in to graze near this same location.

Please do YOUR part to make sure Windsor Hill Plantation remains natural!

NOTE: This photograph of Bent Creek was taken in Plantation Pointe looking at Mill Creek.
Click on the above picture to view this detailed 640 x 480 digital camera photograph (50K).

Windsor Hill Plantation is in North Charleston, South Carolina!

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