Letter to homeowners near the WJNI tower

Thomas B. Daniels
5081 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406

March 17, 1998

Residents in vicinity of Old Oxidation pond of Stratton Capers

Property Owner
4449 Rice Mill Drive
North Charleston, SC 29420

 I am writing to inform you of my plans to build a 287' (two hundred eighty seven feet) tower to service an FM radio station on the Old Oxidation Pond site of Stratton Capers which is in your general area. The proposed tower will be adequately fenced with a small equipment building under it and a border of 50' (fifty feet) of pine trees surrounding the tower site. The tower fall zone will be contained on this property and will be certified by an engineer.

This tower of 287' (two hundred eighty seven feet) is a small tower as compared to other towers 1000' (one thousand feet) in height.

I had the choice of building a trailer park on this same site, but I believe the tower will be less intrusive for the area versus a trailer park which would create more congestion and traffic.

We hope this will meet with your approval. If you have any questions, please call 832-0020 or write the County Planning and Zoning at 500 Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483.


Thomas B. Daniels

Att: See Map

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