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News from the Hill - Volume 1, Issue 1 - September/October 1997

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Annexation into North Charleston?
Presenting the Facts as We Know Them

As reported by the Archdale Civic Association Board, April 1997

In recent years, North Charleston has had an aggressive annexation program. Activity in and around our subdivision makes us a potential target for annexation. With this thought in mind, the Windsor Hill Plantation Civic Association (WHCA) board would like to present some general information comparing the unincorporated area of Dorchester County to the incorporated area of North Charleston. It's not the intent of the WHCA board to influence your decision in either remaining in the county or annexing into the city. Our main goal is to provide you with information so you can make a knowledgeable decision if and when you are faced with the choice. This newsletter is based on the information we have been able to gather ourselves.

Tax Milage

County - Dorchester County milage rate is 240 for residents who do not live within city limits. Based on a $100,000 home and 2 cars totaling $25,000, the annual property tax owed on all of this property would be $1,200.

N. Chas. - The city's tax milage rate is 78. In addition, since you still reside in the county, you still must pay county taxes, but Dorchester County's rate for city residents is only 225 mils. Your total tax milage then is 225 + 78 or 303 mils. Taking the same example of a $100,000 home and 2 cars totaling $25,000,the total tax is now $1,520, an increase of $320.


County - Dorchester County recently added a police substation at the Ashley River Fire Station.

N. Chas. - North Charleston does not have a police station near our area. They have police stations on Rivers, Cosgrove, and in their City Hall.

Fire Protection

County - Response time to Windsor Hill is about 3 minutes. Their ISO rating (a measure of overall expected performance based on the area they cover, the equipment they have, and other factors) is a 3. (A rating of 1 is the best).

N. Chas. - Response time to Windsor Hill is about 6 minutes. Their ISO rating is also a 3, but currently that rating is in danger of being downgraded to a 5 due to recently annexed properties (Coosaw Creek, for example) which don't have adequate fire coverage.

Road Paving

County - Dorchester County has an annual budget of $700,000 for road paving (not repairs).

N. Chas. - North Charleston's Public Works Dept, Maintenance Division has a budget of $95,000 for street construction materials.

Weed Trimming

County - Dorchester County trims weeds in the storm water ditches twice per year, and dredges trouble spots once per year with a menzie machine.

N. Chas. - North Charleston will only be able to trim weeds in storm water ditches once per year. Additionally, their menzie machine is over scheduled and often broken.


County - Dorchester County Codes & Enforcement is primarily concerned with construction codes.

N. Chas. - North Charleston city requires permits for "any construction, reconstruction, alterations and/or repairs, demolition or relocation of any structure, as well as for any tree removal".

Street Lighting

County - Dorchester County probably will not provide additional street lighting.

N. Chas. - North Charleston city has a budget of $700,630 for street light construction.

Recreational Facilities

County - Dorchester County has no public recreational facilities.

N. Chas. - North Charleston city has 20 recreational facilities. The closest park is in Pepperhill. The city also has 250 acres of land on Dorchester Road (near power line crossing) but has no funds for development. Estimated cost of a gymnasium is $1.8 million and a pool is $500,000, not counting utilities or roads.

Garbage Pick-Up

County - Dorchester County does not provide garbage pick-up. Currently there are two private companies, Suburban Disposal and Palmetto Disposal, who provide garbage collection services to Windsor Hill. Average cost is $120 per year.

N. Chas. - North Charleston city provides garbage pick-up twice per week. You must provide your own trash containers.


In summary, the city of North Charleston can offer us free garbage pick-up twice per week and access to their recreational facilities. For this, each of us will end up paying about $320 more per year in higher taxes, if not more, and the costs of obtaining permits for various repairs, alterations, or demolition work on our properties. Additionally, we will not gain any significant additional police protection, and our fire protection may actually decrease drastically. Our home owners and auto insurance rates will stay the same and our school district will remain unchanged as well. Street lighting will not change but draining ditch maintenance will likely suffer.

Perhaps the most significant fact to remember is that North Charleston has set a precedent for increasing their tax rate. Once an area is annexed into the city, it is permanent. There is no way to "opt-out" at a later date.

These are important facts that we should all consider before deciding if annexation is in our best interests.

General Meeting

September 9 (Tuesday) 7:00 P.M.
Cathedral of Praise
Volunteer Babysitters Needed!


SLOW DOWN! The Sheriff's Department has been asked to help slow down the speeders on the Boulevard. In the residential areas, please drive slower. There are a lot of streets with a blocked view. This is our community. Take care of it.

PLEASE watch for children crossing the streets. School has started.

Do you have a copy of YOUR subdivision's convenants and restrictions? If not, contact the WHCA for your copy. They're also available through your subdivision representative.

Why join the Civic Association?

Open Business:

  1. Crime Watch
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  3. Citizens on Patrol (COP)
  4. Covenants sign for entrance
  5. Bulk mailing

Needed: Volunteers to serve on various committees. For more information, come to the next meeting.

The newsletter will be printed every 2 months, unless otherwise needed.

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Future issues will include articles on home maintenance (inside and outside the home), newcomers to the community, events taking place within Windsor Hill and county, and much more. Deadline for submission is the 20th of month prior to publication.

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