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News from the Hill - Volume 1, Issue 3 - February/March 1998

Windsor Hill Plantation

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Windsor Hill Civic Association

P. O. Box 40672
Charleston, SC 29423-0672
Fax: (843) 552-0031 (24 hours)

Membership Meeting
All Invited

Please come to the next Community Meeting:

March 10, 1998
Tuesday 7:00 P.M.
Windsor Hill Elementary

Membership Drive

The Civic Association is in need of more members. We have a total of approximately 800 homes here in Windsor Hill. We continue to take membership with our goal at 75% of homeowners. This membership will give us a strong voice in our own subdivision and county government. The annual cost of membership is $30. You can join at the next meeting or mail in your membership to the association.

Agenda Items for Meeting

  1. Once again, North Charleston has brought up the subject of annexation. Only with a strong Civic Association can we defeat this measure and not become members of North Charleston.

  2. As you all know from previous meetings and flyers, this is a hot topic for most homeowners. A few highlights of what can happen if annexed:

  3. Higher Property Taxes.

  4. Fire Protection Services

  5. Police Protection

  6. Public Services (weed trimming, road paving, street lighting).

When we bought our homes, there was a reason we chose Dorchester County. If North Charleston has its way, there are a few major changes you can expect. Perhaps the most significant fact to remember is that North Charleston has set a precedent for increasing their tax rate. Once the area is annexed into the city, it is permanent. There is no way to "opt-out" at a later date.

Although living in Dorchester County, annexation into North Charleston means paying both county and city taxes.

There will be a petition on annexation for all to sign at the March 10th meeting. We need everyone to sign this.

Repaving of Roads. Dorchester County has funds available to pave all the subdivision's roads, with exception of the Parkway, because of new construction. Complaints of potholes are the major items and the "patches" they've done are once again holes.

Garbage Pick-Up. Are you satisfied with your service? Most of us have dodged empty trash cans along many of our streets. One company has promised, as a part of their services, to put the empty containers on the curb, right side-up and lids on. Another company doesn't provide that and whatever falls out of the can tends to stay on the ground to blow around other yards. They also don't pick up the containers once they've fallen over and leave lids off. We all know what a pain this is when it's raining or windy. There is another choice in the area for garbage pick-up. You should check prices and services before picking a company.

ATTENTION!!! Covenant violations will be enforced. Have you read yours yet? If not, come to the next meeting, join the association, and get your copy. Many violations have been noticed over the last few months. One, is large rigs (without the trailer) parked in unauthorized locations. This is a violation of Dorchester County and Windsor Hill's covenants. Another issue is littering on the main Parkway. The Parkway Association is responsible for that section of road. WE pay for this service. If the Parkway Association continues to pick up trash found along the Parkway, WE will end up paying more per year for this service. No one wants to pay more. It would be simpler to throw your trash away at home.

Saving Money in Energy Costs

Saving energy is still one of the best ways to save money. Some easy tips:

Furnace\Water Heater Tips

Duct Control

This article was published in the Charleston Post and Courier, April 1997.

NOTE: Following the above tips will save you enough money to pay your annual WHCA dues!

Board Members and Officers are needed. Are YOU will to volunteer your time and effort to improve our community?

Do you want to advertise in our newsletter? For $25.00 an issue, you can. Advertising is open to all residents and local businesses.

Future issues will include articles on home maintenance (inside and outside the home), newcomers to the community, events taking place within Windsor Hill. Deadline for submission is the 20th of the month prior to publication.

For information, contact Susan Lotterer (Colony) at 767-1727.

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Spring is Coming!
Are You Ready?

Please support our newest business partner:

Palmetto Disposal Service, Inc.
Post Office Box 9128
Hanahan, S.C. 29410

"First in Customer Service"

For details call: (843) 744-6320

Fax: 843-744-7510

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