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News from the Hill - Volume 2, Issue 1 - September/October 1998

Windsor Hill Plantation

Mill Creek
The Colony
Indigo Ridge
Moultrie Place
Plantation Pointe
Governor's Estate

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Windsor Hill Civic Association

P. O. Box 40672
Charleston, SC 29423-0672
Fax: (843) 552-0031 (24 hours)

Membership Meeting
All Invited

Please come to the next Community Meeting:

September 17, 1998
Thursday 7:00 P.M.
September 22, 1998
Tuesday 7:00 P.M.
Windsor Hill Elementary

Annual Elections

It's that time of the year, already. Our first election for the 1999 calender year will take place on November 10, 1998. We are soliciting names for officers and board members from every subdivision. Those wanting to have a voice in the community and an impact on the subdivision must provide their name to the current WHCA Board by the annual meetings in September. The following positions are open for election:

Board Nominees: Indigo Ridge and Ricefield.

Officer Nominees: Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President.

Nominees will have approximately 2 months to introduce themselves to homeowners in their subdivision or the entire plantation, if running for a Officer position.

Ballots with nominees are scheduled to be mailed with the next billing (October 1, 1998) for the WHCA annual dues.

Help Wanted!

1. YARD OF THE MONTH - WHCA is looking for volunteers to be on the committee for the Yard of the Month. We need people who have woodworking tools/experience and are willing to make Yard of the Month signs.

2. HOSPITALITY - This committee will welcome new members of our community to the neighborhood; offer assistance; inform them on the association and our goals.

3. NEWSLETTER - Provide subdivision with newsletter every 2 months, unless otherwise needed; any other information pertinent to our subdivision.

Agenda Items for Meeting

1. Nominees for elections.
2. Old Business.
3. New Business.

Windsor Hill goes Global!

It's official! The Windsor Hill Civic Association has registered our very own World-Wide Web site at To our knowledge, we're the first homeowner's group in the state of South Carolina to have a web site. Our site already contains over 200 files - over 50 individual pages with 150+ images in various sizes (Over 8 Megabytes worth!) and includes all the back issues of the Windsor Hill Crier too. Each of our 7 subdivisions in Windsor Hill now has its own sub-home page with photos of the entrance. We also host the official home page for Windsor Hill Elementary School at as well. We're happy to report it has now been approved by Dorchester County School District 2, which has a new web site coming soon.

If you have any friends, relatives or co-workers with internet access, they can now take a virtual tour of Windsor Hill Plantation 24 hours a day. If you want to see some photographic proof how the Windsor Hill Civic Association is working for you, check out our accomplishments anytime. You can now make suggestions, complaints, etc. online at your convenience. Please send feedback E-Mail to our webmaster, Bob Chapman of Plantation Pointe at As a non-profit organization, our site is hosted for us at no charge by Data Exchange Online Service.

Radio tower problems anyone?

Did you notice the new radio tower? It is WJNI-FM, Gospel 106.3. Its call letters stand for "With Jesus Nothing's Impossible". The Windsor Hill Civic Association quickly reacted to the strobe effect of the tower light from WJNI-FM, on behalf of Windsor Hill residents. We are happy to report they responded by turning down their tower light significantly and reducing some of the interference problems. If you are still experiencing RF (Radio Frequency) interference, please write a description of the problem and fax it to the number on the front of the newsletter. A representative from the radio station will be available for questions at the meeting. Feel free to E-mail a description of your interference problem directly to the station's engineer, Mr. Griffin Dameron at

Renewing Your Driveway

Is your driveway looking a little worn or cracked? Here are the directions for repairing a concrete driveway:

Clean cracks and holes of plants and debris, then hose them clean and spray them with weed killer. Effective patching products for cracks up to 3/8 inch wide include UGL's Masonry Crack Filler ($3 a tube), Ardex's A-300 ($47 for a large bag) and Quikrete's Concrete Crack Sealer ($6.50 a quart). For holes or cracks larger than 3/8 inch, use either Concrete Repair ($2.50 per quart) or Vinyl Concrete Patcher ($4.50 per half gallon), both from Quikrete. Or, you can simply mix concrete and apply it with a trowel. The larger the patch, the shorter it's longevity.

After patching, remove any spots with a specialty cleaner, such as Quikrete's Concrete and Asphalt Cleaner ($4.50 a quart).

Then seal the repair to keep water out. UGL's Concrete Sealer ($13 a gallon, which treats 400 sq. ft.) is an affordable choice. The home-brew version: a 50-50 mix of linseed oil and mineral spirits. But keep in mind this sealer darkens the concrete.

New Choices in Super Grass

The perfect time to plant grass in most areas is late summer through early fall, when warm soil, cool air and reduced weed competition combine for ideal growing conditions. Planting new, improved lawn grasses that shrug off drought, repel insects, resist disease and just plain look better could make getting -and keeping- a carpet of lush, green turf easier than ever.

The catch: No single grass variety solves all lawn problems in all regions. You have to choose a variety or mixture based on where you live and the conditions in your yard. Warm-season grasses do most of their growing during the heat of summer and turn brown when weather cools. For Zone 4, the Humid Southeast, bermuda grass, zoysia, and St. Augustine thrive the best.

Bermuda grass is vigorous and fast-spreading to the point where it often becomes invasive. Deep roots allow it to tolerate heat and drought. Two improved types are available common Bermuda grass, planted by seed, and hybrid Bermuda grass, planted by sprig or sod. The hybrids, notably Tifway and Tifgreen were developed for Southern golf courses. Although these hybrids look great, they require above-average nurturing that includes regular thatch removed. A lower-maintenance option: improved Bermuda grasses in seeded form like Cheyenne, Del Sol, Primavera, Sahara, Sonesta, Sultan, and Yuma are far less prone to thatch accumulation.

Zoysia is a good choice for most southern lawns. It can be slow to get going, but once established, it forms a relatively low-maintenance lawn that tolerates traffic, heat and drought.

St. Augustine grass is one of the best choices for only the mildest regions of the south, because prolonged temperatures below 25 degrees F can kill it. Once established, it can take full sun and shade. It spreads rapidly by surface runners, and is coarse with broad leaves.

Grasses are available in three basic forms: straight, blends, and mixtures. Bermuda and zoysia grasses are usually sold straight-just one variety of grass. That's because most warm-season species don't mix well with each other.

Check a local nursery or extension service for alternatives.

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