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News from the Hill - Volume 2, Issue 4 - March/April 1999

Windsor Hill Plantation

Mill Creek
The Colony
Indigo Ridge
Moultrie Place
Plantation Pointe
Governor's Estate

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Windsor Hill Civic Association

P. O. Box 40672
Charleston, SC 29423-0672
Fax: (843) 552-0031 (24 hours)

Community Meeting
All Invited!

Please plan to attend on

June 3, 1999
Thursday 7:00 P.M.
Windsor Hill Elementary

Did You Attend...?

The Windsor Hill Parkway Association held their annual meeting at the Cathedral of Praise on April 6, 1999. The following are a few highlights:

Please send letters to:

Mr. Danny Thrower
Dorchester County Public Works Office
2120 East Main Street
Summerville, SC 29437

The Cathedral of Praise has recently bought the land adjoining the church. There are numerous plans scheduled...a school, gym, baseball field, day care, etc. Check out the details in the lobby. Stop by and you'll be amazed.

The Windsor Hill Civic Association held a community meeting on March 4. Attending the meeting was Deputy John Gumbar from the Dorchester County Sheriff's Department. He spoke about the role of the department within the community. Some areas of concern are the theft of items like power tools and bicycles and even car break-ins. Response time is approximately 5 minutes. We can't stress it enough...know your neighbors and report suspicious activity. Speeding on the Parkway will be enforced, especially in the morning when young children are heading to bus stops.

The speed limit in the entire subdivision is 30 miles per hour. Deputy Gumbar can be reached at 873-5111 or 832-0300. Keep these numbers handy.

We now have committees forming for Crime Watch, Neighborhood Beautification, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Play groups, Yard of the Month and Holiday Decorations. Contact Donna (Indigo Ridge) at 760-1331.

Windsor Hill Web Site is a Hit!

Have YOU seen it? We recently did a thorough analysis of our web site and continue to be amazed at its popularity. Our custom domain address ( is easy to remember, so be sure to tell friends and relatives! If you are a member of the Windsor Hill Civic Association, you can use our address as your own "Home Page".

If you don't have a computer at home (most folks do these days), ask a friend or neighbor to show you. If they haven't seen it either, discover it together to give us your feedback or suggestions! If you have friends or relatives coming from out of town, they can use our on-line map for directions! We also host a site for Windsor Hill Elementary School ( Our web site has lost a lot of weight - document weight that is. If you haven't seen it in a while, you'll be pleased the images load an average of 35% faster!

Some Statistics...As of March 19, 1999, we've had over 27,000 "hits" from the USA and 8 foreign countries. Our visitor count (of unique users) on our home page exceeds 2,300, averaging about 110 hits a day! Our most active day was March 5, 1999, (day after our last public meeting) with over 1,000 hits! The visitors to our web site spend an average of 12 minutes learning about our neighborhood and/or its school. Don't forget to leave a comment in our Guest Book!

Punch list --Things that need doing this month

Articles were provided from the March and April 1999 issues of Today's Homeowner. See.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the WHCA...2 years young 4/8/99!

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The Oaks Christian School

They will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.
~~ Isaiah 61:3b

Now Enrolling for Fall of 1999
Grades K-4 through 4th
A Beka Phonics, Reading & Spelling
Saxon Mathematics

For more information call 875-7667 weekdays between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm.

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Windsor Hill Plantation is in North Charleston, South Carolina!

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